Barbara Nepom I am intrigued by the order and complexity of natural processes. I find beauty in patterns, organization, and geometry, even in scientific tables and data. After a career in medical research, I became enamored of art quilts as a means of expression. I relish the freedom and messiness of hand-dyeing my own fabrics, manipulating them by discharge (removing color), cutting and reassembling the pieces, and adding texture by stitching. In a way this seems akin to how nature builds beautifully functioning organisms from an array of lifeless fragments.

Ideas constantly assault me and I am pulled in many directions to see them through, but I tend to circle back to particular themes and techniques and develop series of work in spite of myself. I am happiest working on my Latest Greatest Idea. Lopez Island
photo by Steve Horn
I realized a dream with a beautiful studio steps from my home on Lopez Island, Washington. There I can create in an environment shared with deer, eagles, seals, otters, and the occasional mink. Interactions with fellow artists keep me grounded. A good life.

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